Emily vs. Lucy

In my Advanced Beginner class the other night I had a student who wants to make several of the clever Lucy bag (from Two Old Bags) as gifts.

Lucy from Two Old BagsThis is a fairly simple pattern, but starts at the bottom in the round. The pattern suggests using Emily Ocker’s beginning. With US size 10.5 needles and worsted weight yarn this is a nightmare. The stitches are loose, because this is after all, a felting project. I wish I had taken a picture of Lori’s attempts. They kept twisting, sliding. Much laughter and screaming ensued. Then I thought, duh, why not try the old Magic Loop with this one. It worked on the blanket. Lori picked up the loop technique easily and she was off to the races for the Lucy pre-Christmas marathon.

I’m not saying I’m kicking Emily to the curb; her beginning is perfect when the circular beginning has to look really tidy — not a requirement with felting– like lace. For an in-depth discussion of the variety of circular beginnings for lace, go SeeEunnyKnit. There is a great deal of excellent additional in-depth information on lace on her site. I wonder how she has time to work and eat.


One response to “Emily vs. Lucy

  1. This entry is WONDERFUL!! I too am trying to start the Lucy bag. I spent the entire evening trying to do the “Emily Ocker” technique…I sounded like your student Lori! Thanks for suggesting the magic loop. You are making this knitter smile!

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