On the Subject of Leftovers

From Theresa

Phrase for the day:
Hobson’s choice is an apparently free choice that is really no choice at all.

The other day during class, a woman was picking out yarn for one of my felted bags. She loved the colors I had used and wanted to buy exactly the same ones for her bag. Fine with me, but if she only knew how I’d chosen those colors. Here’s the real story…

About a month ago, we rescued a tiny kitten, sick and motherless. After two vet visits and a lot of cleaning up messes, Hobbes (named by my son who loves Calvin and Hobbes) is healthy, energetic, and adventurous.

Hobbes loves the dog (which is great) but he also loves my yarn (which is not so great). Anyway I was starting to knit a felted bowl, and the kitten crawls into my bag and makes off with a ball of yarn three times his size. I wrestled it out of his mouth and since it was kind of slimy, I started a color pattern in the bowl, which was now in transition to a bag. The color choice was all Hobbes’ doing.

For me, knitting inspiration comes in strange ways, especially colors. Sometimes I start knitting and what was supposed to be a hat becomes a bowl or what was supposed to be a bowl becomes a bag. I have an enormous supply of odds and ends of Lamb’s Pride Worsted, and my real inspiration comes from trying to use them up—or in this case from a kitten running off with a ball of red.

Here’s Hobbes and my new design “Hobbes Choice” felted purse.



2 responses to “On the Subject of Leftovers

  1. Hi Theresa – YEAH! you’re here. Love the story about Hobbes. You are keeping him from having a life that is nasty, brutish and short?

  2. Big HUGS to you for rescuing him – he’s adorable. Awesome bag!

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