Heartfelt Purse

from Theresa

I was working on a project for a class, Cute Little Felted Bag, the perfect quick felted project for Valentine’s Day. It seemed like a good idea back in November when we were making up the class schedule, but now it’s January.

I really have a hard time designing on demand. It adds so much pressure to what is normally a lot of fun—yarns, shapes, colors combining into a new knitting project. I’ve spent hours and hours trying to come up with fun ideas, but at this point, any idea would have done. Maybe it’s just that I don’t design well in pink. It’s not a color that normally inspires me. Maybe I should have started with red for Valentine’s Day. But I was thinking red and white, and white has felting issues…

Well, I’ve gotten to the “good-enough” stage as my sister calls it. I knit up four of these little purses—one with Cascade 220 worsted weight yarn used alone, the other with Cascade 220 used with sparkly Aura, and the last two with Lamb’s Pride worsted—in red!

The final purse may not be brilliant, but it was fun to figure out the shaping and to design a project that wasn’t too putzy or tedious. My life is busy, so I like to design projects that are simple and easy to follow. In other words, projects that I could knit during a meeting or in the car.

It was interesting, though, that the two red purses (see photo) were knit with same needles, same number of stitches, same type of yarn (Lamb’s Pride worsted, which I love) and felted in the same load. Yet they came out two very different sizes. It must be that the two colors (ruby red and blue blood red) felt differently. It’s a mystery to me.


3 responses to “Heartfelt Purse

  1. My guess is that they bleach the yarn for the ruby red before dyeing it, which is why it doesn’t felt as much. It seems brighter, with perhaps a white undertone, whereas the blue blood red has a dark (blue-ish?) undertone, so perhaps that yarn isn’t bleached before dying. Very interesting experiment! And I love that pattern! I hope you’ll make it available soon!

  2. Bizarre. But both are very cute.

  3. Super cute bag! I love the shape.

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