Cable Hat Redux

Don’t you have words you want to use, but aren’t 100% sure (or even 50% sure) that you can use it correctly. I checked on redux. It does mean what I thought, brought back or revisted. So here we are, revisiting the cable hat. Once again, no available daylight or model of an appropriate head size. (I made a kid size, so I could finish it more quickly.) I challenge anyone to say this is ‘too girly’ — well you can say it, but I won’t believe you mean it.

I reknit the pattern in Cascade 220, in a light olive green. I also followed Gale’s suggestion of changing the cuff, as some thought the rolled edge may contribute to the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ nature of that hat. I made a garter stitch cuff, casting on about 10% fewer stitches and using a smaller needle. I think it might require closer to 20% fewer, and I’m writing it up that way. I think this supports the comments on received on this being a gender neutral hat.

Sorry that I can’t post this as a free pattern, since I already promised it to the shop where I teach. I will post a Payloadz downloadable version if people are interested.

I’m kinda going cable crazy. Soon, I hope to post on my next cable hat design dilemma. (And alliteration crazy, too. Purportedly not on purpose. Probably.) There are also more ‘manly’ design concerns in process. Not initiated by me, I assure you.


7 responses to “Cable Hat Redux

  1. Very nice, though I’d still do it in red! You teach at the Yarnery, right? I haven’t been there in a long while, but I may have to stop by to pick this up!

  2. Thanks! Yes I do teach at the Yarnery. If I’m around, introduce yourself, please. And I like it in red, too!

  3. Very, very cool. I have sons who would love this. I’ll see you at the Yarnery soon!

  4. Fabulous hat—I love it! I’m currently addicted to cables as well. Haven’t tried them on a hat yet though. Congrats on a lovely hat.

  5. Lovely hat.. and not girly at all! I like knitting cable it always looks so effective.

    Well done! 🙂

  6. Love it. But then, I loved it in its first incarnation, too.

  7. Mary Lou, I picked up this pattern at the Yarnery and have a question: On the decrease rounds, does “Knit as established” mean to repeat the previous row?

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