Paper or plastic? It’s a trick question.

One of my co-workers has been bugging me (nicely) to design a farmers’ market bag. You know, the kind you can buy for $5 at the co-op. Well, about $10 worth of yarn later, I’ve finished the crochet version (I’m especially proud of the handles).

I’m now checking the pattern with an even more expensive yarn, Euroflax Linen at about $18 per skein. Euroflax is pricey, and perhaps overkill for a string bag, but it is beautiful. I’ll start on the knit version soon, I promise, Melinda.


The project on my knitting needles is yet another use-up-some-of-my-odds-and-ends projects, a fair isle hat of many colors of Lana Grossa’s Cool Wool Big. I finished up the medium version (shown on the right in the photo below) just before the big snow last week. It’s been winter tested during blizzards and shoveling—lots of shoveling.

My husband got a new snowblower after the last big snow storm (and before the most recent one), so he was snowblowing the entire block. While I was shoveling the steps—many, many times. Speaking of Cool Wool Big, a great soft merino yarn, I just heard that a lot of the colors are being discontinued. Rats, I love this yarn for two-color knitting. Now I’m reknitting the pattern with Naturespun Worsted, also a great basic yarn, but not as soft.


My son just turned 12. Last week he said that he wasn’t sure he was done with being 11 yet. Yeah, well kid, I’m not done with being 29 yet.


2 responses to “Paper or plastic? It’s a trick question.

  1. I’ve been looking for a pattern for a market bag and so far I like the one you’ve made. Is there anyway I can get it or do you know where I can find a pattern? You can leave a comment on one of my blogs. I check it everyday as opposed to email.

  2. Yes! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Is the pattern available?

    thanks, Sharon

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