A good project gone bad

I’m in a frenzy to finish up a drift of unfinished projects, and making good progress, until I hit this project. A year ago (okay, maybe more), I started a shawl using lots of colors of Shetland-weight yarn and modular knitted squares. I had this grand idea of doing a shawl, something like this wonderful quilt.


Sometime over the last summer, I realized that it wouldn’t work as a shawl—too patchworky.

Perhaps a scarf? I had enough squares—but it was too scratchy.

So I decided to alernate in some solid squares and do an afghan. While I’ve been busy adding squares, the “Project” has decided it’s not going to be an afghan. Too big, too much work, and it’ll still look patchworky. So what to do with this pile of squares?


I’m being hounded by the narrowing possibilities of this project. But I have too much time already invested, so I refuse to rip it out. I just need to finish it—whatever it is—and get it out of the house.

What about a felted coaster—actually, lots of coasters? Potholders? Maybe I should add a few more squares and turn it into a felted bag… I’ll let you know what it turns into and how it turns out.



4 responses to “A good project gone bad

  1. How about making it into an afghan and overdyeing it? That might lessen the patchwork effect. Just don’t ask to use my washer to do it…

  2. I like the idea of a felted bag.

  3. How about a simple pullover sweater with drop-shoulder sleeves, like a Kaffe sweater?

  4. Whats the update? Are you done?

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