My Life in Brackets

At loose ends. Not where a knitter wants to be, I think. I have been feeling that way for a few weeks now. I thought maybe it was because I wasn’t reading a particular book. That always gives me direction. Not sure what to do next? Pick up the book, find the bookmark, start reading. So I started and finished “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.” Wonderful book, but short. Not a giant lose-yourself-for-a- week-or-two-book. I think I have to find one of those. Suggestions?

I’ve also been feeling that way about my knitting projects. I’ve got several going, but each one has led me to a spot where I have to stop and think, or calculate, or get more yarn. Which leaves me wandering again.

Since it is March Madness Time, I thought –perhaps bracketing my daily life could help. (We were laughing about this idea at work, I didn’t invent this on my own. Caffeine was involved.) In my case, the loser moves on — since the task wasn’t completed. I also couldn’t put knitting in every one. My life would be much easier if that were the case. A glimpse of my personal March Madness:

Dullsville, huh? At least here is one finished object – socks in Bearfoot for the big birthday of a friend who says I MAY NOT discuss it!

All the other kids get to show pretty spring flowers on their March blog entries. Not here in the Upper Midwest. Here’s my spring flower:

And although yesterday it was 80 degrees (F), here’s a picture I took two weeks ago. The spots and white background? A blizzard. The scarf I designed in a reversible cable pattern using Cascade EcoWool. This is nice yarn and that big skein made a very generous scarf.

And yes, since you asked, this is a very manly scarf. I am pondering my stash now, and in spite of the large quantity from which to choose, I am stumped. Stay tuned for the final four.

from Mary Lou


3 responses to “My Life in Brackets

  1. It’s having to do the taxes that are getting to you. (ask me j how I know…).
    I love that scarf. I have a thing for reversible cables. Please sell the pattern on your site!

  2. Books to get lost in: Anything by David Foster Wallace. Long, involved, and hysterical!

  3. New shoes! A sure sign that spring is around. It was warm here for the last week or so (nowhere near 80 tho!) but now more snow and lots and lots of mud.

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