Just What the Doctor Ordered

Dear Stash Doctor:
I have a big bag of 1824 Cotton. The old 1824 cotton that I bought when it was being discontinued. I KNEW I had to have a sweater of this yarn, and I would never have the chance if I didn’t act now. So, two years and many swatches later, none of the swatches look good. The colors I chose for my cotton cardigan that would go with all my spring clothes appear to go with very little. I know, I know, I should not have bought the coral just because there was no red. Or the acid green. Those colors make me look like I am about to hurl. And mustard? Sheesh. I want to use this yarn, but I am at a loss. Do you have any prescriptions?

P.S. If it helps, a neighbor of mine of who knits is about to have a baby. I gave her 3 skeins of some of this along with my Quick and Easy Baby Sweater Pattern. They don’t know the gender of the baby.

Dear At a Loss:
When will you crazy people ever learn? There is always a new yarn coming. Another yarn that you must have, can’t live without, will die if you can’t bring it home. The yarns that leave us, leave us space on the shelves for new beautiful yarns. Often that yarn come back in another incarnation. Remember the Alice Starmore you bought in a panic? Same yarn, new label is hanging in the same spot in the yarn store. Look at Rowan (oh, sorry, bad example, I still have patients in Magpie withdrawal.) You must learn to let go, move along, look to the future. Oh, enough of the lecture. Back to that baby to be. Baby blanket. Takes up a moderate amount of yarn, you can mix colors, nice neutrals. Perhaps a spot of that coral. Nothing that screams boy or girl. None of that awful mint green and easter yellow, either. You can still keep the blue and black to make something for yourself. This time, if you really want a cardigan of many colors, go buy some that work.

Dr. Stash

You know how some prescriptions work almost immediately? I decided to try a corner to corner swatch and just kept going.

I cannot tell you how many swatches I did with this yarn for my dream cotton cardigan and they were U G L Y. But this turned out to be just what the doctor ordered on the first attempt.

The colors look much better in person. Of course I sailed along knowing full well I did not have enough of the Ivory to do a blanket. Again, it didn’t matter. I found several skeins of the new 1824 cotton that matched almost perfectly, and the slight difference in the yarn is really imperceptible with the color changes. Now, I have to figure out what to do for a border. Mitered garter? Narrow log cabin strips? I am open to suggestions.



3 responses to “Just What the Doctor Ordered

  1. Ooh, that’s a nice blanket. How about a four or five stitch I-cord??? That would look nice…

  2. That’s a thought. I’ve been wondering about a way to enclose the edges to avoid having to weave in ends too meticulously.

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