Baby at the Beach

I went into my niece’s website today and found this picture. The log cabin is still going strong. This was his first trip to the beach. (He’s about 10 months old now.)


I have been busy not posting, working on a top- secret-under-the-cone-of-silence project for Gale’s book that is coming out. My part is teeny tiny, but I think the book will be great. Therefore, I must be under the Mini Cone of Silence.

I did stop at Yarnover, the local guild event, but didn’t take classes because as usual, I was a day late and a dollar short – they were all full by the time I got myself in motion. I was not tempted by yarn, but I had to buy me a Miss Gulch basket for the bike.

Available from the Tall Tale in Tofte, MN. No website I can find. But if anyone reading is local they will be at Shepherds Harvest in May.

I’ve also been working on a project and hand-out for an upcoming workshop on increasing and decreasing for the Yarnery. I found out how much effect which technique you choose can have on gauge, especially row gauge, after I wrote up my first Top Down Raglan pattern. Folks in my classes had the right gauge, but knitters who bought the pattern and worked on it independently would come into the shop for help and complain about not being able to get row gauge. Everyone was frustrated. Then somehow I had a eureka moment and saw what the problem was. A lifted increase tightens the row gauge, I was using the twisted loop (backwards e, what ever you want to call it.) The row gauge was significantly different. That was when I decided to do a one session workshop on the topic. I have done it once before, but am re-doing the in class project. If I can really get my act together, I’ll post information and photos.

I have a major deadline at work, and every first time homebuyer in the state of MN wants to ask about the program I manage.

Planting the potatoes


Finally, after three years in this house, I stripped the bathroom wall paper and painted. Mr. Guy originally just wanted to put a new countertop surface on a cupboard in the bathroom. Mission creep.

And I’m busting my butt on these deadlines because I leave tomorrow for San Francisco for a total FUN trip. If anyone has suggestions for yarn, food, fun, I’d love to hear them. Theresa has been under the weather, but hopes to be back soon.



2 responses to “Baby at the Beach

  1. If was allowed only one San Francisco yarn treat, it would have to be at Artyarns.

  2. Not a teeny tiny part. That’s all I have to say! (oh, and if you are in Berkeley, and like chocolate, they do serious tours of the Scharffen Berger factory. It goes well with yarn).
    That waasn’t me above. It always freaks me out when Gale & I both comment somewhere.

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