Spring and Sheep

Everyone is posting beautiful pictures of spring flowers. We were way behind, then it got HOT, now it’s normal, whatever that means for May in Minnesota. Here’s the baby crabapple we planted last fall, seen during a strange foggy morning.

I went to Shepherd’s Harvest on Saturday morning. I have always wanted to go and never did, but this time I was determined, even though I had to leave early to meet the farrier at the barn.

I was greeted on the way in to the first building by this group playing House of the Rising Sun on pan pipe and electric keyboard. Their selections over the course of the morning were, um, eclectic.


I really wanted to see the stock dog demonstration, which was great fun. I saw sheep dog trials in Ireland once, but no one had ever explained it to me.


I met some of my knit buds and wandered around, but bought nothing but a lamb brat. (bratwurst, not a misbehaving lamb) So proud of my restraint. There was spinning everywhere. I resisted. I cannot. I must not. Go away.

Checking out the about to be sheared




And even though I am stridently opposed to cat photos in knitting blogs, since Theresa has already blemished my perfect record, here’s a combo I couldn’t resist. I took this last fall while waiting for the farrier, and just found it again. For some strange reason my horse loves cats.



One response to “Spring and Sheep

  1. I love this picture! good catch with the camera 🙂

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