Blankie but no Baby

I finally finished the baby blanket I started as a swatch. I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to hide the ends.

Robyn (blogless?) and I discussed several options via email, and I liked her idea of a blanket binding. I ended up choosing a stockinette border doubled over with a picot fold line.

This seemed like a good idea at the time, but after washing and drying, many little ends were sticking thru the picot holes. Duh. Good way to hide ends, leave little openings for them to sneak thru. A little time with scissors helped. Hope it stays that way. The recipient just lives around the corner, so I can fix as needed. This baby has been slow in arriving, so I gave the blanket early to see if it would encourage an appearance. Finally we got a call last night. Just my luck, I am leaving for TNNA shortly, so baby doting and the after photo with blankie will have to wait.


I had a great time last week being a guest teacher for my friend Kristi’s Waldorf School fiber class. I forgot my camera, but they were a great group of 5th graders, all making socks. I did a little how-to on cables. The boys were knitting away discussing how much they couldn’t WAIT for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movies. After class, two girls asked me for my autograph! I just about keeled over trying to suppress the laugh. One of them clutched the now-signed handout to her chest and said “I can’t wait to show my mother. She’s never going to believe this!” What her mother will never believe is why the hell she asked for my autograph! But after an ego-bruising morning at the office, this was very satisfying. Highly recommended.


One response to “Blankie but no Baby

  1. This is wonderful! Beautiful work. Love all of the colors. And your binding!

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