yarn velleity

Mary Lou’s been bugging me to catch up with the blog, while I’ve been trying to catch up with work after being in the hospital for 3 days, flat on my back. So I’ll tell you about an epiphany I had–actually several.

I wasn’t expecting to stay in the hospital, so I didn’t bring anything with me. The next day my husband brought in the necessities–two pairs of undies, three books, and four knitting projects.

Unfortunately the underwear had holes. (I’m from the Midwest; you’ve got to use things up.) As my husband was frantically packing a bag, I’m sure he wasn’t thinking, “I need to pack the ‘good’ underwear.” So my first revelation: In the future, I’m just going to throw the holey underwear away.

The second is not so much a resolution as a velleity (a mere wish, unaccompanied by an effort to obtain it.) I love that word! I want to organize my knitting projects so that I (or my husband) can grab a bag of knitting and it’ll have everything I need in it–the yarn, the pattern, the needles. Not pieces scattered all over the house, drug off by the cat, in my car…

Because although he’d brought in four bags of knitting, only one bag had yarn that actually matched the needles. So I began a project with Fleece Artist sock yarn and ripped out as much as I knit. (Not the yarn’s fault, but mine.) No net knitting gain, but I did watch Misery three times.

I’m back in the swing of things now, and as we speak, Mary Lou and I are at the yarn market. The show starts tomorrow, and we’re already drooling over the yarn displayed on the Wall of Yarn outside the exhibit hall. We’ll keep you posted on what we find.

P.S. If you haven’t checked it out already, check out Susan’s blog. She’s knitting my modular felted bag.



One response to “yarn velleity

  1. Theresa, couldn’t you mend that holey underwear? You don’t want to be wasteful now…

    Glad I found your blog, now I can keep up on you two!


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