My First Yarn Market

OK, since it looks like Theresa is not planning to tell her tales of TNNA, I’ll give a brief recap of the trip to Columbus, Ohio for the Yarn Market.

I packed so carefully that the only thing I forgot was my phone charger. I called around and couldn’t find one within walking distance of the hotel, so I stopped at the front desk. The clerk asked before I could finish my sentence, “Oh, did you check ours?” and clerk pulled out a plastic milk crate full of chargers of every variety. I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture. (Annie Modesitt did) There wasn’t one for my phone, but I figured if our hotel did this, so did others, and pawed through equally full boxes of lost chargers at three other convention area hotels. I could not find one that fit. WHY? Why can’t there be a limit to the number of these types of things? Do engineers really need to make a completely new type of charger end every time they design a new gadget?

However, since I have always relied on the kindness of strangers (Oh yeah, I’m totally a Blanche Dubois type….) I posted a note on the message board near the registration desk at TNNA. Three people responded, and one of them actually had the charger I needed. Sheila from One World Buttons was kind enough to let my phone hang out in her booth which it refreshed itself.

There was so much yarn, so many people, and so much fluorescent lighting that I was in overwhelm much of the time. Cameras are prohibited on the floor of the show, so no pictures. A few highlights to me- the yarns from the Fibre Company, whose mission is “to create sustainable natural fiber luxury yarns paying special attention to environmentally friendly production methods such as the use of low-impact dyes and organic cotton and wool where possible” – all well and good but they don’t mention the stunning color palette and beautiful feel. The colors in the Khroma line just kept drawing me back. I’ll have to figure out how to get my hands on some, since the shop didn’t get any. Yet.

Cascade had lots of new yarns, and some not so new yarns that I hadn’t seen before. One new one, Di Ve Zenith, is apparently the late lamented Maratona. It is a beautiful machine washable merino. I got a ball to swatch, but so far have just petted and squeezed it quite happily. It feels wonderful.

But, I have to say, my favorite booth was the father and son team from Briggs and Little. After all the gorgeous handpainted and luxury yarns, it was like the lure of a bit of steak and salad after too many desserts. The yarn is solid, basic, and hardwearing. I made a Norwegian Sweater for Mr. Guy that he has worn to death for about fifteen years, and just now I need to mend the cuffs. Briggs and Little never discontinue colors. It’s a yarn company you can count on. Plus, they may have been the only vendors to confess that they spent their Saturday night at the stock car races. (In the interest of full disclosure, they did not pay me for this. They did give me a nice little needle gauge, however.)

Best candy at a booth? Frog Tree Alpaca. Oh, the yarn was nice, too.

I finally, at the Potter Craft booth, got to see a copy of Just Socks, which has a sock pattern of mine in it, and to meet Shannon Okey, who compiled the book.

It’s a cute book and had some nice photos. Unfortunately, the photo of my socks wasn’t one of them. UGLY. I was given colors to work with, and they were fine, but whatever the background was, well, let’s just say it didn’t enhance an already rather funky colorway. Oh well. That’s publishing for you.

There was great food at the North Market. I am willing to sign up if there are any studies to see if it is possible to survive on salted caramel ice cream from Jeni’s. But just to provide a little protein, we had a nice dinner at the Flatiron a former bar/grocery store with good food at really reasonable prices, in case any one ever goes to Columbus.

I came back to hellish deadlines at work and deadlines not so hellish for some knitting. I hope to get some actual knitting posting done soon.



2 responses to “My First Yarn Market

  1. Great blog post!

    Mobile phone chargers are from hell! I hate them as well. That must have been so annoying for you though, but lucky that a kind lady helped you out!

    That`s a handy looking gauge. I havn`t knitted for a while now. I`m thinking about what I could make during summer to keep my knitting fingers busy. Any suggestions?

    Sounds like you had a wonderful break with lots of inspiration! I`m looking forward to seeing your next knitting projects! 🙂

  2. Sorry ’bout the photo! Wish I could’ve directed the shoot, but alas, it seems that publishers ENJOY hiring photographers with absolutely no clue about photographing knitwear. Sheesh. Remind me to tell you about my I’ll-never-post-this-it’s-too-mean list of Knitting Books With Bad Photography!

    Lovely meeting you at TNNA, too! 🙂

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