Travel Knitting and Toddler Sizing

I am off in a few hours to NJ for my neice/goddaughter’s combo graduation/engagement party. (She was on the 7 year plan for a degree as near as I can calculate.) So I spend about 10 minutes packing clothes and hours figuring out what knitting and reading to bring. I have a real horror of being stuck in a plane or an airport with nothing to do. My favorite travel knitting is socks. They are small, lightweight, and since I don’t normally make complex socks, pretty simple to keep track of where I am when I have to put it aside and pick it up again frequently. This morning I cast on with this:

It is Sea Wool from Fleece Artist, a combination of merino and sea cell. There was no color number or name on the tag, but it sure is pretty.

I’m adapting an older pattern lace/rib pattern of mine, since I’m not really confident that there is enough yardage in this to do a pair of socks. I’m thinking that the lace will use less yarn than solid stockinette, but this may be pure wishful thinking on my part. One of these days I’ll have to knit equivalent swatches and measure. Unless anyone out there has the facts at her fingertips on this issue, in which case please share!

On the subject of Toddler Sizes, Theresa and I have been discussing the wide range of actual measurement in Toddler sizes. One 2T or 2 is vastly different than another. Here’s a sweater of mine and the finished chest measurements:

Children’s Sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8
Finished chest size: 25”, 27”, 28”, 30”

What do you parents of little ones think? I measured sweatshirts at Target when I did the sizing on this, but some have told me they thought it was on the small side. Do you have a brand or a pattern line that the sizes seem right to you?

And, since it is June, here are a few gratuitous Rose and Strawberries photos. It was my first bowl of berries without bunny and bird nibbles.





2 responses to “Travel Knitting and Toddler Sizing

  1. That yarn is so drool-worthy!

  2. Lovely photographs! Sorry but I can`t comment on the sizing, but well done for some lovely looking strawberries there. I have some lovely Cornish Clotted cream here that would go well with those.. Yummy! 😀

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