NJ and You, Perfect Together

That was an old state tourism slogan. So NJ and the Big Fat Sicilian Engagement Party were perfect together, the rain passed right before everyone arrived, and it was a total blast — it was fun to see family. The best part was getting a bunch of time the day after the party to just hang out with my two sisters. We laugh together. A lot. That kind of laughing where your stomach hurts and you think that you might never breathe again. At one point I actually had to stop driving up the driveway because I was afraid I would hit the stone wall, I was that out of control. Forget drugs and alcohol. Sisters, man. My drug of choice. Once, many years ago, we were in a little cafe, laughing in our usual restrained ladylike way and a man came over and said, “Whatever you ladies are on, can I get some?” Nice to see that we haven’t lost our touch. My mother used to quote her mother, saying “The loud laugh bespeaks the vacant mind.” Don’t bogart that sister, baby, pass it around. Make my mind vacant.

NJ knitting content.The All Seasons Toddler Cardigan is done, and almost written up. I threw it in the suitcase, hoping there would be a child to model.

Nina, my niece, loved the sweater and wouldn’t take it off for hours, in spite of the rather sticky day. It even matched her dress and the flowers.

The twins were fascinated by a real new baby. Especially the toes.

More NJ connection. Annie Modesitt moved to Minnesota from NJ a few months ago. She and her family were resettling here. Her husband was starting to look for job but his back was bothering him. Not a back problem. Cancer. They have now been told that he has 2 years to live. Imagine just moving away from your family and support system, not to mention job, and getting that kind of news. Annie is now the sole earner in the family, and needs to travel to teaching engagements to keep the income coming. There’s a fundraising move afoot. Annie is giving away a pattern and asking those who download it to consider donating the cost of the pattern. Or more. You know about my Blanche Dubois thang — please think about helping Annie and her family depend on the kindness of strangers.

Here’s the link to the pattern, and and photo.

rcc_full_length.jpgI’ll never knit this, I’m sure, but I’m glad to be the one who can help a teeny bit, and not the one driving my husband to the Mayo Clinic for treatment. Let’s all us knitters be perfect together.


2 responses to “NJ and You, Perfect Together

  1. Sounds like a great trip all around. I remember that ad campaign, the Gov had a kind of speech problem so he’d say it as…. ‘puh-fehct togethuh”. We still say it all the time, not sure why it stuck!

  2. Hello

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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