Baby Sweater on Board

As a rule, I don’t post many works in progress, partly because I have so many, partly because I imagine they are of little interest to anyone but me. I’ve been working intermittently on my Sea Wool Socks, and I do think I’ll have enough yarn.

So, that worry is out of the way and although I love the yarn, I’m ready for something else, and I have just the item. I am going to make a design-in-progress shot exception, because of the Yarni sweater.


I received a skein of Yarni from Virginia, the creator of this lovely yarn. The colorway was so sweet I thought it would make a great, soft, machine-washable baby sweater.

Before you dismiss the idea of a baby sweater knit on size 2 (US) needles, let me reassure you. A baby sweater in sock yarn is not really any more work than a pair of socks. Maybe less. No grafting/kitchenering. (No seams, if I have anything to say about it.) And best of all, when you are finished, you don’t have a make a second one. Unless you are working with twins. If that is the case, you are on your own.

For several months I have been swatching on and off with this yarn. I kept trying to make a ‘gender neutral’ kind of pattern. I wanted something fairly simple to knit, not too boring, and one that had some lateral spread, since I am trying to convince people that knitting a baby sweater on tiny needles is not a huge undertaking.

Nothing captured my fancy. Then I realized that I was not letting this sweet yarn speak. It didn’t want to be gender neutral, thank you. It wanted to be a girly sweater. What opened my mind was a chat with my neighbor. She and her husband prepared for their little baby x with all kinds of colors, but not pink and blue. Baby Celia was born, and now the sage green sweater that mom started has fallen by the wayside. Instead, she showed me a cute lacy Debbie Bliss pattern and asked if I would help her pick out some pink yarn. That little epiphany was all it took. I swatched in one of my favorite patterns, an Aran openwork stitch.

It’s simple, easy to memorize, and fun to work. Experiences like this bring to mind a quote I love. If anyone knows where it comes from, let me know, please.

“I have often wondered if a good problem solver simply hangs her many experiences, like chimes, in the breeze of the problem at hand and then listens ever so carefully for a sound…what causes a particular set of chimes to ring remains a mystery to me.”

No matter how hard I tried, it was when I set the yarn aside and waited that the answer came. Now I can’t knit it fast enough. Never mind the Sea Wool socks. I have a sweet little girl around the corner who can model this, so why wait? Away we go!



6 responses to “Baby Sweater on Board

  1. Thanks for showing us your sweater last night! I can’t wait to see the boy version…


  2. That is a great quote! And how totally true.

  3. Loved the sweater. (I got to see it at the Yarrnery as well). How talented you are. Too bad my baby makin’ days are over, I guess I’ll just have to make one for my brother’s babies. : )

  4. Beautiful pattern on the socks and the sweater. I know what you mean about posting WIP’s I tend to shy away too.

  5. Jeez, I love the color of the wool socks. Beautiful clothing here, thanks!

  6. I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

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