Cable chart woes and old friends

I just finished a cable stole out of Misti Chunky alpaca. It feels like baby kittens and knits up quickly. In fact, I think I knit it faster than I’m going to be able to chart the cable. I’m really an amateur at charting, so I’m using Word and tables. Yikes! Let me just say I was up until 2:30 last night (this morning) slogging down the learning curve. You guys have any good charting program suggestions?

Here’s another shawl I just finished out of KidLin from Louet. Love the drape! And it’s great for this drop stitch pattern. And it doesn’t need a chart!

knit shawl

But the cable charting crisis was balanced by earlier in the day. I had a wonderful evening with an old friend, Whit Robbins, from my Atlanta days. We spent 3 hours catching up with life and knitting, while my husband and hers talked trains. I am totally psyched. The energy of the Atlanta Knitting Guild is phenomenal and Whit has a lot to do with that. The guild brings in people like Alice Starmore, Barbara Walker, etc. and they are hoping to bring me! down to teach sock knitting. What an honor. Hi to everybody in the Atlanta Knitting Guild. If you live down there and aren’t already a member, check it out.



4 responses to “Cable chart woes and old friends

  1. I have used a few programs, including Stitch Painter, Knit Foundry, and an old mac shareware call Grid Painter. Sadly, that expired with OS8.

    I used Knit Foundry with my most recent cable hat and scarf patterns, and really liked it.

  2. That drop-stitch pattern is one of the Barbara Walker’s Treasury ones, right? Mind pointing out which one it is? I’ve seen it a few times and I want to make sure I get the right volume since it is clearly calling to me.

  3. Well, I bought the pattern today! Also, I think Excel would be a LOT better than trying to use cables in Word. I’ve adjusted Excel cells to be close to knitter’s graph paper before. If you would want help doing that, just let me know.

  4. Oh, I love that wavy pattern!! My aunt has just asked for a stole and I am looking for patterns to show her, can I ask you where to find this? Gorgeous colour too.

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