“You knit? I can’t picture it.”

OK, those of you who wander by are looking for knitting. But last night, on the most beautiful evening we’ve had in months, Holley and I visited a local cross country jumping course and had about the most fun you can have on horseback. I am not a thrill seeking daredevil. I’m old enough to know that broken bones are painful, and that the fun of having your cast signed wears off quickly. I only go over the little pony club jumps. Even those seem scary at times to me. I just have to say, that doing something you have wanted to do since you were a kid really brings that little kid back to the surface in a good way.

There is a knitting connection here – a few weeks ago Holley and I did our first team sorting. She was ranch raised and loves working with cows. I grew up in NJ, where only cops and rich people had horses. We make a great team. In fact, she pretty much likes any kind of work. Kim, my friend and riding instructor extraordinaire always says Holley has such a great work ethic that if she were human, she’d be German. This day was intro to team sorting and we set up the teams ‘boys against the girls’ – not one human was a day under 35, and most were over 40, but the cry of ‘boys against the girls’ brings out the playground demon in all of us. I was sitting watching the boys fail miserably (well, not really) and one other ‘girls’ trotted over and said “Hey, I saw that picture on your blog of Momo (the cat) sleeping on Holley’s back. It’s sooooo cute.”


I know this picture has appeared before, but it is cute.

I’d been outed. How did one of my barn buds discover I had a knitting blog? It was almost embarrassing, and I’m not sure why. Then another woman said “You knit?” She looked at me like I was a giant nerdy weirdo. (OK, I may be.) “I can’t picture it.”
Last month a community event I attended for my job was held outside. I mentioned to a city staffer that I should have brought my horse. “You have a horse? Really?” Yes, I do. “Do you RIDE it?” “Um, yeah.” “You ride? I can’t picture it.” She gave me that same look that the barn babe gave me when she discovered that I knit. Like I’d just showed her my feet and they each had 7.5 toes.

I wrote this the other day and didn’t post, then saw the Yarn Harlots ode to knit buds, finished with a quote from C. S. Lewis: “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

I know I am not the only knitter out there with a horse, another one of the Yarnery teachers rides. I also found Anne’s site, How the West was Spun. She is currently offering her own hand-dyed yarn and the Bee Fields Shawl as a kit and it’s selling out. Her site is full of equine goodness, too. I wonder if she hears “I can’t picture it” in the way I do.

I was in Richmond, Virginia, recently for work. I went shopping with my friend Linda, who lives in Seattle and I see once or twice a year at meetings. She beads, I knit and we have a great time together. I spent time hanging with her in a beautiful bead store, then she went with me to the Yarn Lounge. It’s a really nice shop, well laid out, friendly staff. And it has a clever logo.


I explained my dilemma. I work in a yarn shop, so I get to see and buy lots of yarn. While I love seeing a wall of Rowan, I can buy that at home. The owner, whose name I didn’t get, immediately led me to a yarn she found at Taos Sheep and Wool. Plain and Fancy Sheep and Wool Company in Henderson, Texas. They don’t even have a website. But they do make some kick-ass- hand-dyed-with natural-colors sport weight yarn. Of course I bought it. The colors looked just like the jasper, and agate, and petersite I’d just been fondling, plus there is 400 yards in one skein. I bet they have horses around all that yarn on the outskirts of Henderson, Texas, too.

Isn’t it funny how people see us? I don’t usually give it much thought until I have a juxtaposition like those described above. My husband, on the other hand, laughs and says it’s interesting that I teach the young girls I know 19th century skills to prepare them for life in the 21st — knitting and horseback riding. What better way to prepare, I say! Cowgirl up with them needles. You never know when you might need to do both.


7 responses to ““You knit? I can’t picture it.”

  1. This weekend I went to a rock festival wearing handknit socks, shawl, hat, mittens, wristwarmers and a sweater. I even walked around and took pictures of other people’s knitwear. Wonder how many of the rock’n’rollers who knit their mittens themselves? And how many knitters who go to rock festivals? Probably lots more than we think.

  2. I love Plain and Fancy! I just got some at the Estes Park Wool Market here in Colorado. I have “Forest Green” for a sweater for one son (sort of camo colors, but nicer), a deep blue for the other son, and a fun lavender/purple/gold blend they called “Heather’s Colors” for socks for me. I am loving how it knits up.

    At the Yarn Harlot’s Denver booksigning, the crowd was quite diverse, from twentysomething pierced/tattooed boys to sixtysomething white haired ladies. I was pretty impressed. I really enjoy watching people get their stereotypes blown up.

  3. I love the yarn!
    And I can resonate with your post. People are constantly acting surprised about my knitting, my husband, my tattoo….
    It reminds me of a postcard I have, with one of those photographs from the 50s, which says “Everyone’s normal until you get to know them.” We all don’t fit other people’s preconceived notions one way or another! That’s what makes life fun, I guess.

  4. Wait a sec. You..shop? I can’t picture it.

  5. First off, you now HAVE to come west for Estes Park S&W because Gracye vends at that show and brings a pot-load of Plain and Simple yarns.

    Second, I obviously need to have Diggs spend some time with Holley because he is the least damn cowey horse I have ever ever met. Deer – no problems. Turkeys/quail – doesn’t bat an eyelash. Bison – Yup, moves em on out. Cows – Forget it. Lots of snorting and head tossing, but wants NOTHING to do with them. And I actually would love to have him work cows competitively (well, ya know…. competitively for fox trotters). Sigh……

  6. Lovley photo of your cat there! 😀 We have several cats down at our dairy farm as well 🙂 Our cats home here are so pampered though! I love cats! I would say I am definitely a “cat person” rather than a dog person, although I like dogs as well! 😀

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