Baby on Board with Sweater (finally)

The Yarni lace baby sweater is finished. The pattern is finished, and I finally found a baby the right size (barely) to model. Here’s the adorably solemn Audrey really working it.

I must have taken about 20 shots, and she never cracked a smile, no toothy grin. Just a solemn stare at me and the rest of the world. Not even when her brother, the considerably less solemn but just as adorable Benjamin, demonstrated (among other things) how the tyrannosaurus rex walks

And how the T-rex eats grass.

Then we discussed whether or not carnivores would still eat grass or leaves. Audrey was still not smiling, but probably glad to have the sweater off on this warm morning. Thanks to Sheryl and Shelley for arranging the photo op.

I’m going to teach a class using this pattern in the fall as in introduction to lace knitting, and shaping within a stitch pattern (the underarms) so I also knitted the sweater in DK to fit a toddler, but my model is on vacation.


9 responses to “Baby on Board with Sweater (finally)

  1. what a beautiful sweater!

  2. The sweater is absolutely gorgeous. And the baby is obviously just working on her super model pout. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous sweater, gorgeous model.

  4. Its so hard to get any clothes for little girls here that aren’t shocking pink or purple. This cardi looks beautiful with its range of colours, patterns and textures. Perfect for hiding those little stains that kids this age love to produce!

  5. This is lovely! 😀 I can remember when my girls were very tiny babies waiting for the first smile 🙂 Wonderful little cardy, very pretty!

    Boys hey!? Arhhh dear of him to.

  6. I saw your FO page on Ravelry for this sweater. It’s so beautiful! I was wondering if it really took only 1 skein of Claudia Hand Painted Fingering yarn? I want to make this for a newborn. I have 2 skeins of yarn (a total of 350 yards). Would that be enough?

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