Sadly Sockless Summer

Perhaps some might call it a Sock-free Summer. I started these beautiful Sea Wool socks in June.

Then, I lost or misplaced (is that the same?) the little zipper pouch. I lost the yarn, one almost-finished sock, two sets of size 1 bamboo needles and one extra long size 1 Addi Turbo. Along with it, I seem to have lost my sock mojo. I have cleaned my office, my car, called my sister to ask her to check under the couch but nothing. No sock pouch, no mojo.

I keep hoping that I’ll show up at a friend’s house and they’ll say, “Hey, you left this last time you were here, and I kept forgetting to call you.” So all of you Sockapalooza, Socket Pal, Swapolicious Sock people keep on posting those pictures, maybe I’ll get inspired again. I did go buy some more Crystal Palace 6” bamboos, my favorites for socks. I’m ignoring them, though. Instead, I’ve been working on another more ‘boy’ baby sweater with Yarni, as well as a couple of lace projects. I hope to get a post together on those soon.
Meanwhile, I am also gardening and riding, so here’s some flower photos:


Shade garden photos (Some serious watering has been required in this time of drought.)


And one of the calves that were finally born in the past few weeks up at the barn. (That bull was some kinda slacker, I guess.) I look at the 10 calves and each day a different one is my favorite. This little guy won the day I had the camera!


3 responses to “Sadly Sockless Summer

  1. Very sad about your lost things! But lovely plants.

  2. Lovely dalmation calf.
    The socks will turn up when you need them. I’ve always had a special admiration for those who can knit, in particular, those who can knit socks! Respect!

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