Red Scarf Project

I have been trying in vain to put Norma‘s cute little GIF

red scaft 08

into a sidebar widget, and failing. It’s time for Red Scarf 2008. Check out the blog and note the new timeframe. OFA would like scarves to arrive between September 1, and October 15.I will again be happy to pick up and ship scarves left at the Yarnery in St. Paul.

You might also consider a little donation if you don’t have time to knit a scarf. Norma is giving away some fantabulous prizes. Donate now and get your name in the drawing.

Need more incentive or information before donating?

Youth Aging Out of Foster Care: More than 25,000 foster youth age out of state care or run away every year, leaving them without ongoing connection to family members or caring adults.

Foster care youth are :

  • less likely to enroll in college preparatory courses (15 percent v. 32 percent) even when they have test scores and grades similar to those of non-foster care youth.
  • more likely to drop out of high school (37 percent v. 16 percent).
  • less likely to access higher education as young adults.

Research has shown that education is a leading indicator of successful youth development and adult self-sufficiency. Maybe one of these foster care youth will be taking care of your broken hip or finding a cure for Parkinson’s one of these days. Help them get ready to do that.


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