Un-knitting in China

Once I had a knitting discussion with some Chinese friends who were studying in the US as post-doc engineering students. One couple hosted a meal and I had my knitting along. All the engineers (male) were quite interested when they observed that I knit in a different way than they had seen their mothers knit. I knit continental/picking. They stood behind me, watching as I switched back and forth between left and right hands to demonstrate. Continental was pronounced “very efficient” by these brainiacs. They asked what I was knitting. I explained it was to be a cardigan sweater. It was fair isle, worked in the round with a steek. “But how can you make a cardigan in a circle like that?” I explained stitching and cutting. They looked confused. My hostess said, “Oh, she’s just joking.” No, I really am going to cut it. Now they were shocked at my profligate ways. “But you will never be able to re-use the yarn!” I think of that from time to time when I rummage through my stash. Then, the other day, I saw this video on Sunboat. If I were any good at copying tonal language, I could now explain what I would not be doing…


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