Knit AND Lose Weight

This is no late night TV promise. It’s a fact. How could this happen? Get a colonoscopy! I don’t normally discuss my medical procedures publicly, but in this case I want to encourage all of you reading who should be making that appointment to pick up the phone. It wasn’t bad, really. And the drugs are great. Like totally man. I was motivated to make my appointment when my husband’s friend Solveig was diagnosed with colon cancer that had already metastisized into her kidney and liver. She had a family history, but wouldn’t go for the test. Even when she was having troubles, she refused. She died in August. Now her purple motorcycle is parked in the garage and her husband is in their new condo alone. This is preventable cancer. So just do it. The prep isn’t awful, it tasted like bad instant lemonade with artificial sweetener. Plus, I got to stay home and knit for the better part of two days.

Here’s what I accomplished — I took the advice of all, including Susan the designer, who should know, and ripped out the edging on the Forest Canopy Shawl. I added three more repeats of the main pattern and an extra repeat of the edging. I now have only a teeny tiny bit of yarn left.


5 responses to “Knit AND Lose Weight

  1. Good for you for taking the test and adding more to the shawl! Itss gorgeous. And just think – nothing really to stick back in the stash.

  2. I LOVE that pattern. I am working on my 3rd one right now. I donated the other 2 I made to our kid’s school for fundraisers!

  3. Excellent! I love when there’s no yarn left over.

  4. Beautiful! That is such a wonderful pattern and the yarn really works perfectly with it.

    Versed and Demerol? Love em. Bring it on. πŸ™‚

  5. I just had my colonoscopy too! Good advice. I love your shawl. The color is amazing. I haven’t tried lace knitting yet, but that makes me want to try.

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