Of Knees and Knitting

I have been busy.

Babysitting for the young tiger on the right of your screen.

Traveling to my beautiful niece’s


beautiful wedding.


I even got into the act with my Roman Holiday pose – how can you pass up a photo op a 1957 Mercedes two-seater?


And, hanging around the hospital while a friend had knee replacement surgery. The hospital time gave me time to finish up a garter-edged version of my Broken Cables hat for the Yarnery in Karabella Merino Superwash. I like it better than many superwash yarns. It has a nice wooly feel, not slippery.


The other knee in question is this one.


Unfortunately, there are no knee replacements for horses. A horse’s knee is really more akin to the human wrist. What had been occasional puffiness and slight stiffness until warmed up suddenly moved over into limps and soreness. The x-rays showed osteoarthritis and calcium deposits. This was the first vet visit she has had since she came to live with me 8 years ago, except for regular shots, so I can’t complain. I think that a cortisone injection is next. I don’t like Miss Holley to be in pain.

Babysitting for Aman did not give me much time to breathe, never mind knit. He came to the US from Ethiopia about a year and a half ago, and speaks perfect English now. But he still has lots of vocabulary to catch up with, especially the kind that is a bit more challenging to explain. Like all the gears and buttons on the John Deere riding mower he sat on in Lowe’s for about an hour. “That’s to adjust the seat.” “What does adjust mean?” You get the idea. That type of conversation, if you are trying to do it with any level of attention, is exhausting. All you parents out there, go take a well deserved rest.

Also, I am on Ravelry. Come visit. MLEgan.


4 responses to “Of Knees and Knitting

  1. Where is the Roman Holiday photo? The wedding looked lovely. The big launch is tomorrow. Keep your needles crossed.

  2. Hi Mary Lou. Looks like a wonderful setting for a wedding.

    Will you have to retire the horse for this knee problem, or will it be OK to gently exercise her?

  3. Definitely get Miss Holley anything she needs to make her comfortable. She deserves it. Hopefully she’ll do well with some TLC and maybe a little cortisone shot!

  4. Hope Miss Holley is feeling better, poor horse, that must be hurting her 😦

    Love the classis car 🙂 Wonderful!

    Thanks for supporting us busy parents! It`s all go all the time! I have to fetch my eldest from Brownies soon and my youngest is getting a little restless as she has been playing Shrek2 on the playstation for about half an hour whilst I blog! I havn`t blogged for ages! but today I managed one! 😀

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