Knitting Books Are Our Friends

I have been wanting for a long time to get my Barbara Walker Treasuries spiral bound. Years, in fact. Finally, Incaknit’s recent experience at a local Kinko’s coincided with the pages really starting to fall out of one of them. I can’t tell you exactly how long I have had these books, but a loooong time. When I was taking little slips and markers out of them in preparation for their outing, I found bookmarks from Coliseum Books when it was on 57th Street and I worked on 57th Street and spent many lunch hours and too much money there. The books followed me to Minnesota, and got more and more dogeared. They are still a bit dogeared, but now the pages aren’t falling out and I don’t have to hold a page open with the butter dish or a stapler. Although I have many other stitch dictionaries, these were among my first and I still just browse thru them for fun. So having to leave them overnight gave me pause. My mother used to tell the little kids who were in page tearing mode, “Books are our friends.” These books are old friends. But here they are, back home, safe and sound, don’t they look great?


So while feeling all inspired and having my books home, I was tempted into a new waste of time, um, I mean a new (to me) online service. I have been fooling around on Ravelry, but didn’t even think about adding my books to the bookshelf. Then Jean started talking about her experience with Library Thing. It is “an easy, library-quality catalog” that is really as addictive as Ravelry. I figured there would be lots of others on there who had already posted my books. That made it so easy to add them. Very easy. So easy that in no time at all I added over 100 knitting books. Really. And I don’t think I got them all. I’m almost embarrassed, but gentle readers, I’ve been at this book collecting thing for a long time. I often buy a knitting book I think I won’t use just in case someone else would. I browse the discarded book bins in libraries and love used books stores. I know I don’t have to justify myself, especially figuring that most people reading this are also knitters with many feet of books. Library Thing is fun. You can look at a catalogue as a list, or by cover images, as though you have spread the books out on a table and are quietly browsing.

And on the book theme, what about this chair?


It is the Bibliochaise, and is, sadly, a bit out of my price range.



7 responses to “Knitting Books Are Our Friends

  1. Aren’t you glad you did it? Wasn’t it worth the time? and dollars?

    Come to the Dark Side, Luke. Together we can rule the galaxy as one.

  2. Love that chair.

    And what a good idea, binding the books like that. It sure would be helpful for my cookbook collection too.

  3. That is one awesome chair!

  4. oh there would be the danger that one would never get out of that chair again. it is fab. and the idea about binding books like that is fab too. i just learned about these books a year or so ago when i started blogging and i just received them a month ago. they are lovely but the photography could be more inspiring….
    i am sure though that i am going to use them to pieces (unless the get a spiral back). in a bookstore in copenhagen they have a sign saying: books are your friends even when they turn their back a you. i adore that.

  5. I almost fell off my not-surrounded-by-books chair. I wonder how hard it would be to build such a glorious thing.

  6. Library Thing is way too much fun! Thanks for introducing me to it!

  7. That’s a great idea for a chair! But it doesn’t look overly comfy does it? Even better if it had bins on one side for knitting supplies and yarn!

    I suppose the piles of books and knitting around my favorite chair provide nearly the same functionality even though it lacks something in the aesthetics department…

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