Fall colors

The sun is shining and the leaves are beautiful after a very dreary, sunless October. I’ve been taking the side streets just so I can see the trees. I’m inspired by their colors. Especially after another arduous wrestling match with pink yarn to design a scarf to donate to raise money for the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Ribbon scarf
Last week, finally freed from pink, I opened up my odds and ends stash box (ok, boxes plural), and started pulling out random yarns and colors to knit scarves. Here are some just off the needles.

colorful scarves
What a relief. The far left is a self striping yarn (not from my stash) of Tapestry from Rowan, interesting blend, the second one from the left is a new Karabella yarn I was trying. Lovely and soft. The rest are odds and ends of Frogtree alpaca and random yarns.

I love to explore the possibilities of one design. So I’ll knit variations of the same thing (like this scarf) over and over again. The pattern goes on autopilot and then I’m able to explore other dimensions–different color combinations, yarns, number of stitches…

Next on the agenda is a stole (yes, I know, that’s just a wider scarf).



3 responses to “Fall colors

  1. Yeah- Theresa’s back!! I like the rib on the horizontal idea for the scarves.

  2. On average, how long did you make the scarves? I love that knitting it sideways idea.

  3. Im loving the pretty stripey scarfs idea! I am about to try and knit Lucy (my 9 year old) a stripey dress!

    I have a Merino Blend wook which feels lovely and soft. I might have to change the pattern slightly, however, because Lucy is so tiny! 😀

    I hope to start this somtime today!

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