Wish I’d bought stock in Google

I was googling my name to find a shop in Atlanta that sells my patterns. (I’ll be teaching some workshops down there next fall). Didn’t find the shop, but I did come across a strange juxtaposition of the different parts of my life: solid waste and knitting patterns.

My office job involves editing in the environmental assistance arena, such as electronics recycling, waste reduction, global warming, living green. Especially now, it’s an amazing place to be working.

My in-the-wee hours job is designing knitting patterns and working with yarn. Really, that’s hardly a job, except at 2 in the morning when I’m trying to do knitting math.

The two halves of my life come together in Google. Seems strangely cosmic. Wish I’d bought stock in Google.
I just finished a smaller version of #130 Modular Felted Tote. Here it is. It’s out of Malabrigo (yummy yarn).

Modular purse

Be sure to check out Susan Rainey’s version.


One response to “Wish I’d bought stock in Google

  1. Isn`t it funny what does pop up when you out your name in on Google! There are quite a few Tracey Colwill`s about! Mainly over in the US actually, because Tracey is of course a mans name over there isn`t it. Here in the UK it is quite unsual to hear a of a man being called Tracey.

    Anyway I too have been knitting til around 2ish and when my eye lids cannot stay open! As you know I have been knitting for England… well my daughter and mum actually! I am enjoying it, but my fingers are getting tired 😦

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