I Seam to Have a Problem

Check out this picture. Look closely.


These sleeves clearly do not match. And the worst part? I took out the sleeve seam that was wrong and re-did it exactly the same way. I would like to blame this on a vicodin-enduced fog that I lived in for a while after dental surgery, but this happened before the surgery. Then I got cellulitis of the face post surgery. Verrrrry attractive. But really, no excuse for my failure to seam.

I am begging all of you who know me. Do NOT let me make another sweater that is worked flat and sewn together. I have wanted to make Moonlight (Rowan) for a long time. I toyed with the idea of using the design concept, which is so cute, and adapting it to a top-down, my preferred method of knitting sweaters. But no, not me. I cast on and went wild. I made adjustments for the armhole depth, as I was using heavy yarn and wanted it to be more jacket like, so no tight, high, armholes. I also checked the sleeve length, and added some length for my long arms. Perfect. No problem. Except that Miss Smart Intelligent forgot that adding to the armhole depth would also add to the sleeve length, and ended up with sleeve several inches too long. So I had to chop them off above the cuff, pick up stitches and make a new cuff.


Then, I had decided to put in a zipper, rather than buttons. More aggravation finding the right size zipper. I finally ordered one online. When it arrived it was not exactly the color I wanted. Too bad. In it went. (I always put zippers in by hand, even in fabric garments, in case you are wondering.) Now I am waiting to sew on a facing over the zipper so I can actually wear the damn thing. Another strange quirk of mine. No nekked zippers in jackets/cardigans. They must be modestly covered with a facing at all times.

I may learn to love this sweater, but all I see when I look at it is a vague irritation. The color Yorkshire Tweed Aran I used is called “Damp” — perhaps that had something to do with it. Since I have been leaving at dark o’clock and returning around the same time, there is not a good photo for you to criticize my crappy set in sleeves, so a bad one will have to do.

The lovely and talented Miss Incaknits has promised to help me with my photography, so at some point there may be better photos. She also put out an APB on me, since I have been missing in action of late. Awww, so nice. I have been in a funk lately, and that made my day.



3 responses to “I Seam to Have a Problem

  1. Um… but it’s sorta finished? Wearable anyway? But dayum – frustrating!

  2. I can emphasize totally here with you, although the pattern I am following is a simple one!

    I have had to make the back longer because I am knitting it for Mum for Christmas and she has a long body and long arms (like myself!). The was knitting merrily away and thought hang on a minute this looks VERY long! I had realised that I has knitted about 5 inches more than I was supposed to! So I too had to un ravel lots and lots of rows. I am now shaping the raglan sleeves, but Mum wants a polo neck instead of a normal round neck so I will have to do some rows in rib to end and write it down so I get the front the same.. πŸ™‚

    At least you have finished it and it looks fine to me πŸ™‚ As long as it fits, the zip works! πŸ˜€

  3. Maybe you should put it in a drawer and then rediscover it and see you have a lovely new wool sweater! (Have to admit I’ve done the seam wrong trick myself.More than once. or twice.)
    I hope you have a better weekend!

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