The Hills Are Alive

I taught my Mini Sock workshop at the Yarnery on Saturday. Six brave knitters came out in the sub zero weather and completed their minisocks in record time. This was definitely the gifted and talented group.


Esther (in the middle) said she hadn’t knitted in 40 years, but her daughter wanted a mom-made item for Christmas, so she was going right for socks. That’s confidence!

I also got a tap on the shoulder during class and was told that Sister Margaretta was in the shop and would like to see me. Whaa?? Thirteen years of Catholic School are not buried that deep. But I wasn’t in trouble. The Sound of Music is playing at the Ordway Theater here in St. Paul and several cast members are knitters and have discovered that the Yarnery is quite close to downtown.

Melissa Hart, who plays Sister Margaretta, is making a Pleated Scarf in Silky Merino. I chatted with her and her friend Paul (who also plays a nun, really, he said so) — she had such kind things to say about the pattern. Her scarf  looked beautiful. If I were on the ball about such things, I would have snapped a photo. A Tony-nominee knitting one of my designs is very exciting!



One response to “The Hills Are Alive

  1. Oh how exciting! I too would have missed the kodak moment if that’s any consolation.

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