Knitting Injury – A Cautionary Tale

productimageaspx.jpeI love that A Cautionary Tale – it always brings to mind Pierre, the Boy Who Didn’t Care in Five Chapters and a Prologue. (Maurice Sendak)

This morning, I was working on some two color stash-buster mittens, and using two circular, one short 16″ and one long, probably about 32″.


I decided I needed to pull out the longer needle for some correcting and somehow the long cable flopped around in such a way that it flew at my eye. Ouch, no big deal. Then when I went to put my contacts in I saw this:


Really, what kind of klutz gives herself what I now know is called a subconjunctival hemorrhage? Do I need to wear safety glasses when knitting? This evening when my husband saw it, he convinced me to at least call the Care Line. Uh, yeah. Nurse Michelle? How did I do this? It’s a little hard to explain. I kinda sorta poked myself in the eye with a knitting needle. Perhaps this is payback for those times when I wish I could poke someone else in the eye with a knitting needle. (Knitting in meetings can bring this on.) Or perhaps it’s related to that phrase a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Anyway, unless the red spreads, it’s no big deal and yes, I can put my contacts in. So remember, be careful out there.


12 responses to “Knitting Injury – A Cautionary Tale

  1. Oh noooo! If it’s any consolation, I too have done this sort of thing. It hurts.

  2. Its Other Gale chiming in. OUCH! and the sting of having to admit how you did it, too. And I’m sorry to say I kind of snorted some coffee when I read it…only because it is exactly something I could imagine doing, too. Feel better soon.

  3. Owie! Beautiful mitt, though.

  4. M’Lou you are just about the goofiest woman I know. I wish I could add my needle in the eye story to the group but I ‘ve never done It (although I’m guessing that after this it will happen directly). If it makes you feel any better I have yet another horse picture for you done by Emma. And this time I think the horse actually looks like a horse. I’ll bring it Monday. Hope your eye has cooled down by then. Happy knitting (maybe less drinking? haha)

  5. Ouch! That does NOT look nice. Who’da thunk it?

  6. Sorry to laugh, but your telling had me snorting, too. I once sewed my thumb with the sewing machine. Avocational hazards. … Ouch. Your mitten is beautiful. Wishing you speedy healing.

  7. ouch ouch ouch. Not laughing at all. But then again, I’ve given myself a paper cut with cardboard. Oy. I hope you’re better soon.

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  9. OOOOOO, the things we suffer for our art….

  10. We had to buy the kids safety glasses when they were younger to toast marshmellows so flying knitting needles sounds perfectly normal to me. Beautiful mittens.

  11. Love the mitten colour! Very nice!

    And thanks for sharing. At least I now know I’m not the only one. Does this make us the Tim Taylors of knitting? (OK, you automatically qualify, I didn’t have a subcorneal bleed and was able to pull the needle out on my own)

    Be careful out there!

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