This is a just happened ripped-from-the headlines story.  My living room is at the front of the house and I look right out to the sidewalk.  There is a neighborhood kid, she must be in 8th grade, who goes for long walks by herself frequently.  Not sure what the story is, but she seems like a nice kid, I chat with her when I’m outside, and she always seems glad to stop for a few minutes.  Anyway, I also see her walking around hatless in the cold.  A few weeks ago, I dragged my box of hats leftover from shop models, trying out patterns, etc.  and left it in the living room.  When I spotted her, I dragged the box out and demanded that she pick one.  You know, bossy old lady style, what the hell is wrong with you wear a damn hat.  The one she chose was not the one I would have given her at all, but there you go.  This morning, it is ten below zero — and I just saw that hat strolling down the street.  It made me happy.  Even with my gross out eyeball.


7 responses to “Success

  1. aweee how sweet for you to do this for her!


  2. Nice. Very nice of you. I’ll bet she adores it.

  3. I’ve been considering the same approach with the hatless tourists I see freezing every day here in Chicago. Good for you! I’ll bet she wears it for many years to come.

  4. That’s wonderful. Kudos for you for reaching out. … What hat did she select?!

  5. What did the hat look like?

  6. LOVE this story. You’re a Fairy Hatmother now.

    (yes, make sure you don’t say that backwards).

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