A Friend in Need

I’ve been delayed in posting Part II of the mittens for a number of reasons. One, sadly, was I’m knitting some chemo hats. One of my knitting students who became a friend, Irene, was diagnosed this week with a dreadfully thorough recurrence of breast cancer. Irene is a mom of three young children. She is a lovely, laughing, wonderful spirit. An example — during one class, she brought me a gift, this book:


It’s the story of woman who knits mittens and leaves them on a tree by the school bus stop for children who have no mittens. She said she bought it for me because she knew that’s the kind of old lady I was going to be. I had not remembered I even had that book until I started thinking about Irene. Now look, I’m writing up a mitten pattern and asking you all to make some mittens to donate. Irene must be right.

Today, however, I’m asking you to donate to Irene — send her thoughts, prayers, positive energy, healing vibrations, whatever you can spare. Those kids are too little to lose their mother.


4 responses to “A Friend in Need

  1. I will make some mittens and send loving thoughts.

  2. So very sorry about your friend, I will be thinking positive thoughts for her. (and she got your number right with that book!)

  3. I’m crossing my fingers and needles for your friend and everyone else affected by this terrible disease..

    And I have a question, as I soon may be knitting chemo caps for a friend in the same situation. Do you have any pattern, and especially, yarn suggestions for such a delicate knit meant to be worn over skin sore from the treatments?

  4. Ahhhh crap. Sending lots and lots of good thoughts her way. She deserves em.

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