Just Call Me Henny Penny

Friday night, sitting watching a movie, me knitting, when we hear a giant BANG from the dining room. The ceiling had fallen in.


The spousal unit had recently finished a bathroom remodel, including a new tub for me. The old one was 4 feet long, I could barely crouch in it, and I do like to have me a nice, relaxing soak in the tub with a good book. As often happens with plumbing work, there was a bit of a leak that had to be corrected. No big deal. Little spot in the ceiling to be patched up. Then a day later, next to the small spot, a bow appeared in the drywall. Must have been more water in there, oh well, patch the drywall.  No big deal.  However, sagging drywall that finally gives way, does not make a giant crashing sound. The idiot we bought our house from had swept all of the construction debris from his hideous remodel of the bathroom into the space between floor and ceiling. Hundreds of pounds of plaster and lathe and miscellaneous sh*t, that he hadn’t wanted to carry downstairs or pay for a dumpster in which to place it.


Our dining room was covered in it, at 11:00 on Friday night. We cleaned up as best we could, then I spent most of Saturday finishing the job, washing down every square inch to get rid of the plaster dust. One interesting note, I had just read about green carpet cleaning using snow at Kristen Nichol’s blog, and found a link there to an article on it.   I got to try it out with the fresh snow in our yard and by golly, it worked.

No article was found, however, on where to find he man we refer to around here as SfB (Sh*t for Brains) as in – come look what SfB did in here — the never ending horror of work done by a man who called himself a contractor. Maybe we could take out a contract on him, and have him sentenced to a lifetime of cleaning up other people’s garbage. This was sadly not our first experience in this area.

Next time back to knitting. I’m doing a stole in Misti Alpaca Lace Handpaint — such beautiful yarn. Oh, here is the nice new tub that started it all:



10 responses to “Just Call Me Henny Penny

  1. oh that tub! I’d spend too much time there. Nice spot to soak while recovering from the cleanup that shouldn’t have been. (good story though, I love that you tried the snow cleaning).

  2. Pretty tub and a beautiful installation. Colur me jealous. It’s no consolation, but we are experiencing the same sort of things with our house and the previous owner. Nothing that drastic, but we do have plumbing that is exposed to the weather. Plumbing that’s exposed to the freezing weather.

  3. Yes, bathrooms and water will always get you.

  4. Unbelievable. Nice tub, though.

  5. Holy cow, what a nightmare!

  6. The tub – *drools* I think that if I were you, I’d be in danger of moving into that bathroom. Even the colours are perfect.

    I can’t believe he left all that crap up there. What a nightmare!

  7. Oh my goodness, what a disaster!
    How unfun.

  8. oi.
    First I thought the tub had fallen through the ceiling. It can always be worse I guess.

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