E for Excellent

exc.jpgI was quite pleased and surprised to see that this blog received an Excellent rating from Gale, over at She Shoots Sheep Shots. In grade school, our grades for Excellent, Good, or Failing. Straight E’s was the big accomplishment, and that Catholic School Girl in my is still glad to get an E.

I decided to nominate blogs I read that don’t have big numbers on Bloglines or Google Reader, but that I enjoy on a regular basis. I am supposed to limit myself to 10, so some of my regular reads are not here. Not in any particular order:

Sheep to Shawl Donna Druchnas is not only a wonderful writer of knitting books, she has lots of interests and wide ranging thoughts that are well-expressed in her blog. Where else can your read about atheism and copyright in the same post?

Ripped Off Knitter – Ragni shares her life and knitting in the far north of Norway. I am always embarrassed to read such good writing in English from someone for whom it is not her native tongue. And some lovely pictures.

How the West was Spun – The only horses and fiber blog I’ve run into. Anne sells beautiful yarn and has kits and clubs galore. Plus, you can follow Behn and Digger and their new friend Sam as they get ready for Spring.

Farm School – This is not a knitting blog, but Becky homeschools her kids out on the Canadian Prairie and shares her history love, reading and resources. I have discovered books to purchase for kids in my life and got ideas for movie rentals. Geek alert: this is where I learned that the author of Roget’s Thesaurus also invented the slide rule.

Misadventures in Knitting
Melinda and I share a propensity to self-inflicted injuries with a knitting needle. She shares her knitting and giant dog owner travails as well as life among the Swiss.

The Independent Stitch

Deborah Robson of Nomad Press talks about life, writing, and publishing, particularly some excellent knitting books.

Inspiration Boards

This blog posts interviews with creative people. They are part of a flickr group about inspiration boards. I know nothing about the concept, but it is always fun to see into the creative process.

Dream Big Live Large

Another creative process focussed blog, with great photos and links.

Irish Sally Garden

Becky used to have her own blog called the Irish Craftworkers Good Life, now merged with the blog about her family’s self-sufficient life on a small holding. Some nice craft, and great gardening info.

Jean’s Knitting
Jean’s lace knitting and intelligent, entertaining musings are a daily visit for me. She has finally finished the gansey made in honor of Barack Obama. Check it out.

I have lots of other places I visit regularly, but had to limit my list to ten.

I hope some of these are new to you and you enjoy the visits.



4 responses to “E for Excellent

  1. WOW! Thanks for nominating me! That’s really nice. :0) I shall try and entertain you further with my dog stories.

    Speaking of injuries, if you don’t have glasses, you might want to try getting a pair of plain glass for knitting. Mine have saved me twice in the last week from flying circulars. They’re getting rather scratched.

  2. And another WOW! Thank you for including Dream Big in this “E is for Excellent” listing!

  3. Mmmm. What colour did you have for the misti alpaca laceweight? I look forward to seeing the final product.

  4. thanks so much for mentioning my blog :^)

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