E for Errata

The wonderfully sharp eyed Susan sent me the errors she found in the Yarni – Lace Baby Sweater pattern.

I’ve tried to track down all who ordered one and send the corrected version. I’m posting the corrections on the errata page, and will put them on Ravelry, too. Susan was so kind to send them to me. I am always amazed at the skill of knitters who look at a pattern error and say, of course, this is what she really meant. The evidence is all of those adorable sweaters you can see on Ravelry. Really, these are nice projects, but I want too see some pictures with the baby in the sweater, those are waaay cuter. So if you have a photo you are willing to share of the happy recipient of your sweater, I’d love to see it. See Andrea’s Happy Recipient as an excellent example.

Tomorrow night is the Yarn Harlot book signing/speechifying/knitter hoe-down sponsored by the Yarnery. I’ll be there giving out door prizes and once again acting as emcee, so if you attend, please say hi.

Next on the knitting related agenda is Yarnover. I’m going to be assistant factotem for Franklin‘s 1,000 Knitters photo shoot. This means I have to be to the other side of the metro area by 8 am on a Saturday morning to help set up, so I’ll be the sleepy looking assistant. Again, come say hi and get your 15 minutes of fame via Franklin’s Fabulous Fotoboth.



One response to “E for Errata

  1. That baby is SO cute. She looks incredibly happy. I suspect this is less because of the sweater and more because someone behind the camera is doing silly things, but happy is happy.

    *I am not jealous that you get to go see the Harlot, I am not jealous that you get to go see the yarn Harlot, I am not jealous…you get the point. *

    Repeat from * to* using other fun knitting events. :0)

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