A Good Time Had By All

I am so late the party, as always. Others have covered this event in great detail, but here’s a brief take. Last Thursday evening at about this time, I was zooming along Summit Avenue in the snow, with the Yarn Harlot as my passenger. (The photo in her post was thru my windshield.) I was her designated driver, and acting as emcee for the Yarnery event, because I have been tagged the token extrovert. But no longer. Check out the video if you haven’t seen it already, of the serious Yarnery staff extroverts. The Yarnery family singers– Angie, Jess, Eric and Scott — all classically trained, opera-singing wild folk, were rocking the house. Last year, I had to entertain the masses waiting for Stephanie. And I do mean masses. (Photo by Incaknits.)

This year, all I had to do was introduce the warm up act. Very very funny. Do watch the video. Also, Angie has lots of footage and photos.

Stephanie’s speech/presentation was even better than last year. Her delivery is so dry and so funny. She rarely cracks a smile, while the audience is falling on the floor laughing. She touched on questions of neural plasticity, research being done on repetitive movements as a benefit to the brain, and theta waves. At one point she questioned her material, hoping she had got the science right. This was an audience of knitters, doncha know, so of course there was a neurologist there who confirmed that she was on the right track. There is something about knitters, is there not? Although I am not of a scientific bent, and dwell in , as my husband puts it, ‘math hell’, I am a regular reader of the NYTimes Science and Health sections on Tuesday. The brain fascinates me, and there is a lot of research going on these days, mercifully reported for the layperson. I have had Sandra Aamodt’s book Welcome to your Brain on hold at the library for while, and I’m next on the list. So what a treat to hear an erudite, hysterically funny discussion on the intersection of current brain research and knitting. Then, I got to give out door prizes those waiting for a signed book. Quite like Christmas, but better because I didn’t have to purchase the presents.


3 responses to “A Good Time Had By All

  1. Oh fun! I’ll definitey watch the video when I get home.

  2. Sounds like you had a good time!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a blast! How fun to be the Harlot’s designated driver too!

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