Happy Earth Day

I’ve been whirling like a dervish lately. Trying to finish up projects both knitting and work. The office is launching a reusable bag campaign, and I’ve recently finished a felted market tote bag out of Malabrigo Chunky. The colors are random, but I love them. And it’s interesting that the stockinette stitch fabric when felted gives vertical ridges. Almost as if I’d planned something neat, but it’s just a happy accident.

It was 76 degrees here in Minnesota. The ice is finally melting from the lakes. Happy Earth Day! Bring your own bag next time when you go shopping.



4 responses to “Happy Earth Day

  1. Well Mary-Lou – that’s a really pretty bag!

  2. Hey, my Earth Day post is about reusable bags, too – only I wasn’t so handy as to have made my own!

  3. D’oh – that was me, not Mayhem…

  4. Great bag! I am having trouble grasping that it was warmer in Minnesota than it was here, however!

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