The Law

Are you having one of those days where you are uncertain of just what is right and what is wrong? Do you need some guidance, friend? Well I have some for you. I was recently honored to attend Grandparents/Special Person Day at my adoptive grandson’s school. (He adopted us to be his grandparents, never mind that I am younger than his mother!)

We sat through the musical assembly. Let me tell you. If you have not heard the first movement of Dvorak’s New World Symphony played by the beginner 5th grade band, you are, uh, well, lucky. I could not even look at my husband. I had to bite my thumb to keep from laughing out loud. Oh my goodness. The piece I had been really dreading was “When the Saints Go Marching In” by the 4th grade recorder band. When what should have actually called “When the Saints Go Strolling Very Slowly In” finally came on, I must say, it paled in comparison. I didn’t even snicker.

Then on to the classrooms. Civics was the lesson of the month in the second grade, and my little guy and his buddies had to write something about Law. Your guidance for the day.

Peace Out.


6 responses to “The Law

  1. Those laws seem reasonable. Nice to have an adoptive grandson and be invited to these events.

  2. I’m impressed your survived that musical extravaganza!! Having recently been to a daycare musical extravaganza (fortunately, they didn’t even try to play instruments), I can completely sympathize. 🙂

  3. I’m glad they’ve grasped the not ever murdering bit. Now just make sure you follow it by continuing to bite your thumbs at future confrences. 😀

  4. What? I must pay my bills? I can’t lie to the corts? But that murder one? Are we sure there isn’t any way around that? Ever? Ever ever? OK, the lady in the big Hummer lives to see another day!!

  5. Congrats on your pseudo grandparenthood! I love that the kids have a firm grasp on the essentials : ) Recorder recitals at primary school level are just… character building. I went to my 8yo niece’s tap class recital and spent most of the concert convulsed and leaning on my sister who was weeping with laughter. I guess we’re just not as tactful as you. (Mind you there were no lights on in the auditorium.)

    Try the rhubarb recipe with other citrus fruit, eg orange or tangerine. V. yum, too.

  6. I love the rules to follow! (Except maybe the paying the bills one — that’s a bummer.) And I had to laugh at the thought of Dvorak by fifth graders — that’s not aiming high or anything… 🙂

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