Signs of Spring

There are certain signs of spring in my yard:

The beautiful and fragrant Prairiefire Crabapples

The Virgiania Bluebell(Mertensia) that has spread wildly this year. I love love love real blue flowers, not what they call blue in garden catalogues, but turns out to be purple. Johnson’s Blue Geranium?
Purple. So disappointing.

The second of many batches of handwashed sweaters, drying outdoors to put away in the cedar chest until the fall. Except for a few, because it is 44 degrees F. this morning. Welcome to May in Minnesota. My condolences to all those folks in Hugo, MN who lost their homes in the tornado Sunday evening. I drive through there several times a week on my way to Holley’s barn. I am not looking forward to seeing the aftermath in person.


7 responses to “Signs of Spring

  1. So sad about Hugo. 😦

    It was 39F when I drove to work this morning. *shivering*

  2. Wow. That was very close to you then. It must be very scary.

    It’s been cold here too.

  3. Lots and lots of unsettled weather right now. Scary! Glad you are safe.

  4. The flowers look gorgeous, as do the sweaters. We’re not quite ready here to put all of ours away yet…

  5. Very sad and scary about Hugo. Love your flowers!

  6. Glad to hear all is well with you. I wish you continued good luck with the weather.

    Why is it that it’s cold everywhere but here? I swear if I came there it would heat up instantly. *sigh* Doomed to warmth.

  7. I have Virginia bells in my garden, too. They are a funny plant, how they get so large and lush in spring/early summer, then completely vanish. It’s like they were never even there. I was looking at the ID card that came with them a while ago and got a chuckle at the line that says “resents being disturbed.” Ok then. I’ll leave you right where you are. 🙂

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