Trying to Catch Finishitis

I have been travelling – TNNA, which has been more than adequately described elsewhere, then a wedding in Northern Virginia, which no one but my family cares to hear about. It’s nice to have a finally have a weekend at home, especially in the garden.

And just outside the garden:

I recently finished a few new baby sweaters, which I’ll be adding to the shop and Ravelry soon. That inspired me to examine my knitting baskets and finish up or rip out some bits and pieces of projects. I don’t have many UFOs that started life as a real project. I have many more that are either samples for a class, or a prototype for a pattern that I finish as far as I need to, then use the real yarn and make the sweater, or scarf, or whathaveyou. I figured with traveling and some all-day trainings for work, I’d get a few of them finished up. Some, however, didn’t make the cut, and I decided to just unravel and set the yarn aside for another project. For example:

This was a sample for a class I did this winter using Knitting Lace Triangles. I started a few of the patterns so folks could see how they looked, and I could see if there were pitfalls or problems. (It is a well done book, BTW.) I had two partly-knit lace triangles, and was really tempted to finish them. I know, however, that they will go more slowly with each row and if I am not thrilled with the yarn pattern combination early on, it will not grow on me. So, ripped and rewound, the yarn gets put away for some other idea — two shawls no longer.

The psychological down side of this is that I now want to start more new projects. One project I finished up was a little moebius basket. I took a class from Cat Bordhi at TNNA and if you are ever lucky enough to have the opportunity to take a class from her, run and sign up right away. I wasn’t all that excited about the topic, but heard she was a good teacher so I signed up. She is not only a good teacher, but a spatial/knitting genius with a good sense of humor. Once I finished the moebius basket, did I say to myself, oh good, that’s done, sometime I’ll felt it and use it for something? No, I started planning more of them as I worked the final decrease rounds. Won’t they make great little gifts? I can needle felt creative and interesting designs on them for people! What did I do with that needle felting kit I bought? Do I remember how to do it? Does it matter? I better start another basket before I forget how. Truly, my little brain needs to chill and go back to the original concept. Finish the project at hand, or rip it out and put the yarn away. Repeat.



4 responses to “Trying to Catch Finishitis

  1. Hm, that sounds like a great plan. Sadly, most great plans never make it to real life around here ..but I’ve long been wanting to go through my stash and see what good stuff I have there instead of keep buying more good stuff. Cause good stuff deserves to actually be knit into good things.

  2. rippedoffknitter is right. Good yarn nneds to be made into good things and if you don’t like it, Frog. Frogs are good creatures. They eat insects and create new projects. Love the Frog.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m hoping that this will be the summer of getting those WIPs off the needles, or reclaiming the yarn. I’m also hoping to try one of Cat Bordhi’s mobius pieces (just ordered her book from the library), so we’ll see how I do 🙂

  4. I’ve been hearing good things about that lace triangles book–must acquire.

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