Home for a Bit

On the road again, unexpectedly. My sister in Texas called last week. She needed an emergency medical procedure and her husband and son were off camping out of state and unreachable. She was sobbing into the phone as she told me. What are big sisters for, anyway? I whipped out my frequent flyer miles and off I went. That, in itself, was a miracle. It is harder and harder to use them these days, but there I was, on a direct flight only a few hours after the phone call. Without going into medical detail, she had heart surgery as a teen and this current issue may be related to that. It is really frustrating that no one knows at the moment. More tests, probably major surgery. It was frightening for her, and I was grateful to be able to be there. It was frightening for me, too, but I think that when you are supposed to be the supporter, you can’t break down. I had to wait to get home to do that.

My BiL and nephew were reached and came home as soon as they could, so I got to spend a couple of days with my favorite 8 year old. I did have a knitting project (or 4) along, but ended up making socks for him. Apparently, Camo Boy was asked recently if he even had camo socks. He told the woman, “No, my aunt hasn’t made me any yet.” how can that be refused? I used Pagewood Farms Yukon, because he also loves bamboo. I didn’t have my camera along, so no photos, but the socks were pronounced perfect. Then, he hatched a plot where I could get a part time job at the newish LYS, Yarnivore. Just in the winter, of course. So we went to Yarnivore, where he charmed the pants off the owner, selected more bamboo sock yarn in “spring camo,” but failed to snag a new job for me. “I’m kind of shy about things like that.” Oh well, I guess I’ll have to keep the day job.

I thought I would get more knitting done, but it is hard to knit and watch you tube videos with an 8-year old. It has to be full participation. Watch this part. This is really funny. I paused this ’cause you weren’t looking. I now have quite a few items book marked on my laptop. Lego Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Brick, Crazy Frog, Batthumb, and Thumb Wars. I gained major points when I told him I had seen Thumb Wars when it first came out at some goofy short films fest. Note: it is easier to search for Thumb Wars when you don’t spell it thom.

Back home and trying to prepare for my next family adventure. At least I get to look at this:

For the Americanskis in the audience, have a lovely Independence Day weekend.



6 responses to “Home for a Bit

  1. Crossing fingers and needles for your sister, and have a great summer!

  2. I hope your sister is healing quickly- so scary. Glad you could go.
    (from another Thumbwars vet)

  3. Good for you for being such a great sister and aunt!

  4. Good wishes to your sister!

  5. Hope your sister is doing well!

  6. Hope your sister is doing well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for her!

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