Guilty and Gone

I deliberately chose not to try and get much done over the long weekend. I wanted to get some R and R after several stressful weeks. I did get in some relaxing, but then the Sunday Afternoon Guilts got me. I didn’t get that pattern finished. I didn’t weed enough. I didn’t I didn’t…. I’m sure you all know the feeling. I did get in some garden gazing, including this fabulous flower whose identity is unknown. I planted it several years ago and it has done nothing. I kept wondering, then this year POW – a lily/freesia like flower with a fragrance you can catch from half the yard away. I picked one stem and the whole living room (small room, but still) is scented. Anyone out there know what this is:

I did get a few things done – we put up our Fleet Farm screen house:

I weeded this bed, with the poppies that came from a neighbors yard at some point:

Not so much weeding here:

Now I am off again, to my goddaughter’s wedding. Should be fun, and wild, and anything but relaxing. I just wish all my flowers could hold still still I get back.  I better make sure I have enough knitting.



7 responses to “Guilty and Gone

  1. Have fun at the wedding! That screen house is pretty cool.

    I forwarded your url to Jeanne, who’s good with that flower thing.

  2. It sure does look like a lily. Have fun at the wedding.

  3. My guess is an Asiatic Lily, but there are hundreds of varieties so I can’t guess which one. My lilies are all flowering right now as well.

  4. I’m with Jeanne on the Asiatic lily. Mine look similar and are just blooming as well.

  5. Love the screen house! That must be really nice.

    Hope you had fun at the wedding!

  6. Yes, it looks like some kind of white asiatic lily. I wonder if in pst years something was eating it before it could get a chance to bloom…

  7. Pretty flower, whatever it is!

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