Oh, Baby!

I have renewed respect for the photographers of those adorable Dale babies.

Excellent picture

Not so excellent picture.

I love looking at those Baby Ull cuties, even though I have no intention of making any of the sweaters. My baby sweaters are much simpler, aimed at the newer knitter, or knitters like me, who are not necessarily lazy, we just want a project that doesn’t require too much thinking.

I recently designed a baby sweater to use KoiguPPPM or Claudia handpaint fingering yarns. To me, the handpainted yarn needs a fairly simple design to show the beauty of the colors. I also set out to have a pullover that would accommodate giant baby heads without any picking up of stitches for buttonbands.

I enjoy setting some parameters then designing within them. There must be a name for a this concept, as it shows up in cooking, engineering, and lots of areas in life. It makes the process both less and more challenging. Since you don’t have unlimited possibilities it helps narrow the focus. Since you have fewer options, you have to stretch your imagination or skills. My solution for this sweater is a boat neck shaped by short rows. I don’t think that short rows are too difficult, even for the newer knitter. The sleeves are then picked up and knit down to the cuff. No finishing, no fuss, no muss. The optional buttons are purely decorative.

After getting the pattern back from my tech editor (Hi Wendy!) I set out to take a picture. All you need is a cute baby, right? Well Maya couldn’t be cuter but this kid cannot stay still – like a worm on a hot brick, as my husband says – wiggle wiggle wave squirm. Maybe I just need a better camera, or, more likely, better skills.

Here’s a sample of mostly unusable pictures of the photo shoot:

Getting the model prepped.

The keys only made it worse.

I can sit up, really.


The pattern is available online in my web store, on Ravelry, and from The Yarnery for a mailed-out copy.

If anyone has good suggestions for learning how to capture a baby in flight, please let me know. I have a few more sweaters to photograph!



7 responses to “Oh, Baby!

  1. That’s a great sweater! And I love the short-row solution.

  2. Look at what a great sweater it – the kid can’t even sit still from the excitement! 🙂

  3. Take off is immanent! Very cute.

  4. Do you have a “sport mode” on your camera? Shortening the time of exposure (or whatever we call it now in the digital days) through pre-set modes or manually will give you sharper pics but requires more light. Don’t know if that helps.

    That is a really nice AND practical neckline for babies and toddlers!

  5. Beautiful baby, beautiful sweater. Just consider it a motion shot!

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