Good News

Thanks to everyone who commented and emailed regarding my sister. The surgery went off without a hitch. It was a long day of waiting, though. Then I spent most of the day after sitting in the Cardiac Intensive Care with her. Thank the stars for knitting, it really is a lifesaver for me in these situations. I put the Claudia my nephew wound to good use and made the middle size of the Overlap Baby Sweater. It is just the kind of knitting for these situations, pretty simple, no real counting except for the short rows at the neck edge and the sleeve decreases.

One reason I wanted to do this sweater again was that Gale, who did a test knit for it, found what to her was a little glitch in how the short rows were set up, but it didn’t pop up for me. I did have it tech edited, but you know how it is with knitting instructions. It seems that we all read things in a certain way. She is an excellent knitter, so I value her comments. I’ll be interested to hear if others have the same point of view as Gale.

I haven’t put buttons on this one, but might if I find the right ones. Another idea I had was to put a little contrast stripe right on the edge with crochet slip stitch. Here it is, bad photo and unblocked but finished. What do you think?

While my nephew stayed with us, we went to the barn and did a little riding and a little frog hunting. Did you know that a frog will, in fact, ride in the saddle for a few strides?

I’m waiting for them to arrive back up here for a few days before heading to Texas, post-Ike. Hope all you Texans are doing ok.



7 responses to “Good News

  1. Glad to hear that your sister is doing well!

    Hmm, I can see doing the edges of that adorable sweater in a bright blue….

  2. That’s wonderful news about your sister — what a relief! And it sounds like you kept your nephew busy in a happy way while he was with you. The sweater looks great — what fun pattern!

  3. What good news. You must all be so relieved.

    That sweater was a joy to knit. It came around at the perfect moment for me, when I needed something simple for a punchy colour. I like your version too.

  4. So glad your sister’s doing well, but too bad you’ll have to let your skein winder go home.
    fwiw I like to contrast edge idea, that’s a great little sweater

  5. Good news about your sister! You really must be relieved.

    I did not, indeed, know that a frog will ride a horse for any length of time. Thank you so much for that random fact 😛

  6. Yay, good news! I didn’t know that about frogs, though. I wonder if they’d ride longer if promised a good snack.

  7. Terrific news, hurray : )

    Loved the frog picture, and so did my kids, who have taken frogs and the occasional newborn kitten for bike rides. But then you probably already knew that…

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