Taking it Outside

As in cooking.  Somewhere recently, it may have been Farm School, I read about engaging children in food prep by taking it outside, where they can make messes to their heart’s content.  Saturday was a gorgeous September day, warm, sunny, but not too warm.  Mr. Guy and I went to the farmer’s market and I bought veggies to add to what I had in the garden so I could make a big batch of ratatouille to freeze.  I also got a big basket of tomatoes for blanching and freezing.  I set up camp outside with the grill and the hotplate we use for cooking when we don’t want to heat up the house — a sort of summer kitchen of the north.

Being outside was great and I got to toss peels and things right in the compost, brush seeds on the ground, and just make messes to my heart’s content.  I thought I would try grilling all the vegetables before mixing them for the ratatouille.  It seemed to me that it would give that nice grilled/roasted veggie flavor, and be less oily.   Conceptually sound, but on a charcoal grill, it isn’t really very efficient.  I also think I should have sliced the egg plant thicker, and not let it cook as long.  It tastes fine, however, and the lack of efficiency allowed me to work on a second sock that has been haunting me for several years.  I made the first one as a shop model, and when I got it back I stuffed it in a baket with the rest of the MegaBoots Stretch.

If I manage to make them the same size –I couldn’t even remember what size needle I used — they may make a Christmas present.  I no longer make one sock at a time, even for shop models.  The only way for me to avoid second sock syndrome is to work sequentially.  First make one cuff, then the second cuff, right on down to the toe.  I don’t enjoy the two socks on two circs technique, it’s too difficult for the spatially challenged.  I never know where I am.  I prefer to use my good old bamboo DPNs and work on one at a time.  I now have several sock special orders from a certain yarn winding kid, so when I finish these, I’ll have some smaller ones to work on.



9 responses to “Taking it Outside

  1. It must have made for a pleasant day, doing all that outside and knitting.

    I’ve become a fan of your sock-winding kid.

  2. Small socks are great, but of course, if you get kids used to wool socks now, they’ll still want them when their feet are much bigger! My son’s feet promise to be huge!

  3. I have a pair of socks like that. First one – done and off the needles. And now I can’t remember which needles I used. 0’s, 1’s, 1.5’s?

    I think these will wind up at the frog pond, unfortunately.

  4. Hope you can figure out what needle size you used, because those are lovely socks!

  5. Love the colours!

    That also looked like a really nice day out. What fun to be able to work outdoors on a day like that.

  6. Second Sock Syndrome? What’s that? Ha Ha

  7. I love your “summer kitchen of the north”! What a wonderful day, Mary Lou.

    It’s not so much to engage them more in food prep, but just because it’s so much more fun. And of course it all tastes so much better! And I’d love an outdoor summer kitchen of my own just to cut down on the messes — I could hose the floor down after making jam!

    Cranberry socks — what a great idea for Christmas.

  8. I have to do socks similarly — as soon as I kitchener, I cast on for the second sock, no matter when or where I am, or I’ll never get to it. The food looks great! I’ve been roasting the veggies for ratatouille in the oven lately — non-traditional, but yummy 🙂

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