Make that 364


This went up at 270 — something we haven’t done in many years.


Sent by a friend to get me through a long day of election judging:

What I got done during 14 hours of election judging:


I’ve laughed, cried and had to work all day today, too. I thought I’d write about election judging, and how great it was, from the new citizen waiting at the door at 6 am to be the first to vote, to putting the final seal on the ballot box. However, I’m too exhausted. Instead, go see Deb Robson‘s account, I’m sure it’s more cogent. The big difference is that here in Minnesota we have same day registration, so I spent much of the day helping first-time voters register. They ranged from three 18 year-old African American buddies who got me to give them extra ‘I voted ‘stickers so they could put them all over their faces, to an 80 year-old white woman voting for the first time. It was moving and humbling. I have no words. To quote a friend, I am dumfounded with relief. Thank you to everyone. I am so filled with hope for the future.



4 responses to “Make that 364

  1. What a truly awesome (in the original sense of the word) experience. Last night was wonderful, and I’ve spent today feeling more hopeful than I’ve felt in a long, long time.

  2. Thanks for sharing even a bit of your experience on Election Day!

  3. congrats. the times are sure a changin’, i was at a cohen gig last month and he played that song. it is fantastic. and so is he too. cute like nothing else.

  4. Congrats for making it through and thanks for helping. Where would the country be without people like you to help with voting?

    Love the sock colour!

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