Ninety Years Ago

It’s a few minutes until the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, at least CST. Jean got me thinking about reading I’ve done on the Great War, which ended this day, 90 years ago. Go read her post. Just in case my last Remembrance Day’s post didn’t get you reading, here’s a quote from The Middle Parts of Fortune by Frederic Manning. Originally published anonymously, then a bowlderized version was published as Her Privates We. Out of print, but available as an ebook at

When Bourne got back to his hut, he divided the contents of his parcels among the whole section, keeping only the cigarettes, cake, and a pork pie, which a farmer’s wife of his acquaintance had sent him, for himself. Most of it was food, though there were a few woollen comforters and impossible socks, as well as a couple of books, with which one could not encumber oneself.

And two WWI patterns for what we hope were not impossible socks:

Red Cross

And since here in the US we honor all veterans, thanks to my dad, my brothers, my nephews. To all those still serving, safe home.



2 responses to “Ninety Years Ago

  1. Safely home, indeed.

  2. A perfect post for veteran’s day. Thanks, indeed, and safe home.

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