International Human Rights Day

Today is the 60th  anniversary of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.  My favorite knitter, Eleanor Roosevelt (see photo above) was the President and Chair of the Commission on Human Rights during the process of drafting the Declaration of Human Rights, and considered the Declaration her greatest accomplishment.


I have a larged framed photo in my office of Mrs. Roosevelt knitting away during a UN meeting.  I figure it reminds people of my universal right to knit in meetings…

Seriously, if you haven’t ever read this document, you can read it here.

Check out some other sites, too, like Every Human Has Rights, Amnesty International.

Also, check out Join the Impact, where,  if you haven’t seen them are some great videos, including  Prop 8, the musical.

I didn’t call in Gay, but I’ll cover your calls if you did.


8 responses to “International Human Rights Day

  1. That’s a great anniversary to remember – thanks!

  2. I should have done, but as I’m grading at home today, I didn’t. I’ve been loving today’s coverage on NPR, though — and your Eleanor Roosevelt picture is perfect (is that on the web somewhere? I may need to post it on my office door so people know that I’m not the first or best woman to knit at meetings…).

  3. It is surely an anniversary to remember, and also to use as inspiration for continuing fighting for human rights. And often, women are the most vulnerable. Consider supporting Amnesty or other human right groups, it makes a difference. Pay a tribute to those who fought for the rights we enjoy today by continuing fighting for others.

    I never knit in meetings, not even large conferences. I always feel like people are looking at me, thinking I’m not paying attention. Great idea with the picture in the office, serves many purposes!

  4. I need to get that picture for my office. I work with a knitting-hater who unfortunately is Very Important and has forbidden knitting in work meetings. (She’s very nice otherwise, though.)

  5. oh i saw a movie about her. and i thought of you. and i am afraid that all humans have rights but some have more rights than other. i am going to teach asylum seekers after new year and i am appaled by their lack of rights in a civilized european society. appaled.

  6. Also need the link, or place to purchase Eleanor knitting.

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