Thirteenth Night

Today is the day my family traditionally ended the Christmas season. The tree was up from Christmas Eve through January 6, or Little Christmas. We’d come home from school on January 7th and every last bit of festive decoration was packed away.  This year for a tree I had a container of sand with some spruce tips in it. Festive, yes, once decorated. Attractive? Maybe. Mr. Guy deemed it the weirdest Christmas tree we’ve ever had, which is really saying something. No good photos, so you’ll just have to imagine it. Anyway, I don’t wait as long as my mother to remove the tree, so over the weekend I put the ornaments away in the new ornament storage container I bought at half price to replace the ancient, tattered and taped-together cardboard version.


I seem to have more time to ponder when I pack up the ornaments than I do when decorating the tree, which is generally a group effort. Most of the ornaments have some memory attached to them, and I considered how someday they’ll end up in a trash heap or at Goodwill and no one will know that the little felt hobby horse was made for me by Mrs. Sutman, my third grade teacher, or that the funny faded glass candy canes were my mother’s when she was a child. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a little guide to the ornaments like they have in a box of chocolates, telling you which ones are vanilla cream and which are caramel? (Strange gold angel in basket, came from Gramma’s tree, Holly Hobby Bicentennial, bought on that crazy outing with my sisters, etc.) Then I could jog my memory as I age.  Of course, that would mean having to put them away in the same spot each time, something at which I do not excel.

A few pictures of some of the results of the Christmas present making extravaganza.


Fleece set


Hat by me, mittens by big brother


Working telegraph — they are going to learn Morse Code now.

Hope all your lives are getting back to normal if normal is good and if there is such a thing.  Happy 2009.



7 responses to “Thirteenth Night

  1. LOL – it’s a shame there isn’t a picture of that tree. I’m having a hard time picturing it.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I wish I had a working telegraph!
    What a cool gift.

  3. I’m with Chris, I would have liked to have seen the tree.

    I now feel excessively un-normal. My tree is still up and probably won’t get taken down for a while. Family and friends are considering having me sectioned.

    Happy 2009!

  4. Ooh, a telegraph! Now *that’s* a cool gift. I love your ornament box – much better than the cardboard shoe boxes we use…

  5. Nice post. I feel the same way you do about ornaments. Some of my favorites are odd little old things that nobody else would value if they didn’t know the context.

  6. I wonder if there’s a Christmas ornament museum somewhere…or a website…?

    Mine is still up. I put it up right before Christmas and I’d usually take it down about now but I’m under the weather.

  7. oh i think about that sometimes. the strangest thing is people’s holiday shots ending up at flee markets.

    oh thanks for your comment on my blog. i have a whole bag of rowan yorkshire tweed in damp plus i knitted a cardi for the same niece in it. it is beautiful.

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