Sock Pattern as Promised

We are coming out of the deep freeze here. It was 24 below zero a few mornings last week. We were scheduled to have insulation blown into the sidewalls of the house on Thursday, but it was too cold. They came Friday and it was still really, really, really cold. I felt terrible sitting in the warm house, watching these guys out my windows. It was a Little Match Girl moment. Pardon me while I eat my roast goose.

Finally, here are the Tendrils Rib Socks. (available at the Yarnery or Ravelry.)


They were test knit not without some trials and tribulations. Chris bravely made top down socks, and managed to overcome her fear of the heel-flap-hanging-in-space. Gale was dedicated, but not quite willing to put her life on the line. The final pair in the photo were made with the beautiful Yarni, hand dyed right in North Saint Paul by a Yarnery staffer. The color is called foggy lake, but to it looks a bit more like a winter dawn on a cloudy morning. That sounds unpleasant, but it’s not. The muted colors of the dormant trees and shrubs contrasted on the snow are subtle, but lovely — like this yarn color.

Speaking of socks, this sort of thing really irritate irritates me. Just past the reinforcing yarn.


I know that many other media outlets are competing for space regarding our incoming president. I just wanted you all to see what I got in the mail:


It is on creamy thick paper with raised gold lettering, but it didn’t come with a ticket or a travel voucher. I wasn’t that large a donor! But really, don’t you wish you could be there?

Also, check out the profile of Barack and Michelle from 1996 in this week’s New Yorker. That’s the kind of man I want to see in the White House.



7 responses to “Sock Pattern as Promised

  1. I still have to drag out my light tent and lights and take pictures. Can you tell that’s not my favorite thing to do? 😉

    Wow, that invitation is definitely a keeper.

  2. Nice souvenir. Sorry I was not willing to go all the way with the sock…lol.

  3. oh i watched a programme on the telly about him tonight and i thought about you. maybe he needs socks :-))

    wouldn’t it be great to be there in the thick of history.

  4. Isn’t that sad: too cold to add insulation!?
    Love the sox!

  5. The socks are gorgeous! I love the picture.

    But I confess, seeing that invitation is even better. Today’s a good day. 🙂

  6. What beautiful socks! I love the color and the pattern – very winter-centric. 🙂

  7. Love the socks, *and* the invitation. By the way, did you see this in The Times,

    Here’s the bit if you’re not signed up,

    “Ticket holders who never made it to President Obama’s inauguration are going to get a consolation prize. Thousands of people who had tickets to the swearing in were not allowed to enter the Mall and instead were stranded in a tunnel near the Capitol or at other security checkpoints. The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies said that those people would receive copies of the swearing-in invitation and program, photographs of Mr. Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., and a color print of the ceremony. A committee spokeswoman, Carole Florman, said people should check the committee’s Web site,, early next week for instructions on now to claim the items.”

    Possibly more souvenirs!

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